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Brownhill Creek was back on the agenda at last night’s Full Council meeting and Unley remain focused on deciding on the right solution for all.

Two delegations and a motion made Brownhill Creek the major item of focus for the night. The motion was moved by myself and from memory passed was passed unanimously. The motion read:


1. The report be received. 

2. Council make a decision on the consultation process to be undertaken with the Unley Community, once it has received and reviewed the Technical Report on Part B works. 

3. The Brown Hill Keswick Creek Steering Committee be advised of Council’s decision. 

The effect of this motion is to make sure we have received the technical report and had sufficient time to not only review it but understand it. This is way too big a project to rush any decisions before Council goes into caretaker mode before the election.
It also provides us an opportunity to take our time to determine what the most appropriate consultation with you, the people it impacts upon. This includes who to consult and over what period of time. What it probably does is, so long as the technical report becomes available to the public is turn the consultation into a whole of council consultation for the duration of the election.
So Unley keeps focused on finding the right solution while others appear to be pulling in a different direction. Rumour has it that West Torrens simply wants to pull out of the agreement and Mitcham is apparently hell bent on a single issue…no dam.