Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

The Deputy Premier & Minister for Planning, The Hon John Rau MP, has advised Council that it has been successful in obtaining two grants under their Planning & Development Fund.

The two grants will be made available as follows:

$ 50,000 towards the King William Road Masterplan.
$ 100,000 towards the Unley Central Masterplan.

He has advised the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure will be contacting us shortly to arrange for the formalisation of the funding.

This is great news for Unley as we push forward with a vision to revitalise our city in preparing for the future needs of our community. Upgrading King William Road and Unley Central as seen as vital to this process.

Adelaide’s premier street shopping strip, King William Road, is struggling in the current economic climate, along with her other well know street shopping strips.

The area of the Unley shopping centre, the Memorial Gardens, Library and Civic Centre, St Augustine’s Church and surrounding streets forms the true centre of Unley, geographically, and culturally.  The city of villages revolve around this central village. It is essential that this area be governed by a development plan that maximises the strengths of Unley now with the need to accomodate the future.

In the months ahead we will be advancing these master plans and you will hear about it here, most particularly when community consultation is scheduled.