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After the printer provided us with our newsletter delivered to affected residents over the weekend Jennie & I received information that we have had a success.

One our concerns (item 3 in our newsletter) was the proposed sighting of the works depot at the Forestville Hockey Club. The depot now we are told will be at the location suggested originally by myself when first consulted on this. That will be at the Showgrounds.

Of particular concern had it been where they were intending would have been the implications on our community for the type of compensation that would be provided the club for losing the facility for a full season. It would be fair to compensate them and the most appropriate compensation from the club’s point of view would have been getting a synthetic pitch.

With the City of Unley working towards creating a master plan for this precinct which would naturally include significant community consultation it would be totally wrong to have a synthetic pitch installed just prior to commencing the master planning.