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A project close to my heart is taking shape.

Council and St Augustine’s Anglican Church are negotiating to make land between the church and the village green accessible to the community at large.

While I keep pushing for projects in Goodwood South this is one outside of Goodwood South I am keen to see happen. This is a project that will provide open space for employees of the council, the library and the various community groups using the cottages along Edmund Street, not to mention the volunteers of Aggies Opp Shoppe next to the church to relax, have a drink, enjoy lunch etc.

I anticpate it will work also for Wedding Photos.

 This is a project that will open the door for improving the Unley Central Area over time. It will open up the area between the shopping centre and the green. It may look similar to the picture below of the successful redevelopment of Vine Street in Prospect

Imagine such a paved, planter box environmnet leading onto the lawned area of the village green at the other end, with a link aroud to the council carpark.

Of course when the time comes to vote on a final time I am going to have to declare a conflict of interest both in Council and with the church’s parish council. I trust my colleagues will see the benefit and vote to allow it to happen.