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At this very late stage in the rail revitilisation project time frame and with no money to address any concerns raised by residents DPTI have worked out they need to provide a pedestrian maze on the south side of the Leader Street rail crossing.

DPTI undertook a safety audit for the level crossing at Leader Street recently as part of the Noarlunga Rail Electrification Project. One of the high risk issues identified was pedestrian movements on the southern side (currently no pedestrian crossing facility).  This issue will become a higher risk with the electrification of the railway line.

Curiously they (DPTI) dismissed observations by me at the beginning of the project, and by a number of residents at the various community engagement sessions they conducted, that this was needed. So when it is our idea it is not necessary and there is no money for it. When the crossing is up and running you are then able to find for out yourself (DPTI) that this is not only needed but because it is a HIGH risk, particularly with the electrical trains soon to run the line, that you need to do it, and now.

DPTI is proposing to install a pedestrian maze (identical to what is already present on the northern side of the level crossing). This will enable the pedestrians to cross the railway lines with improved safety. The traffic movements at Nairne and Richards Terraces will remain unchanged. There will be a loss of  2 car parking spaces (1 each on Leader St and Nairne Tce) in order to accommodate the proposed design. Cyclists movements will be retained on both Nairne and Richards Terraces. The proposed work is anticipated to be completed in first couple of months of 2014 with the works on railway tracks be undertaken before the electrification of the railway line.

Like I say….vindicated yet again….but I don’t expect to be recognised for having the vision, at least by DPTI.