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Vodafone are interested in placing a new telecommunications tower in the Millswood/Goodwood area to improve mobile phone reception for their customers on the tram and train lines and the local area.

They have lodged a development application to place their equipment on top of an existing light tower at Goodwood Oval.

20150304_172717The proposal is that the existing 25 metre light tower in the south east corner at Goodwood Oval ( i think the one on the picture) will be replaced by a 30 metre tower.

This tower will therefore grow by 5 metres.

The lights will be reinstalled at 25 metres and the antennae installed at 30 metres. Two domestic refrigerator size control boxes will be placed at the back of the hockey club building, against the blank brick wall. There are a number of quite tall trees around, and visual impact is not considered to be terribly detrimental to the local amenity.

This is a duplicate of a system already in use at Hickinbotham Oval at Noarlunga, where the telecoms equipment sits above the lights on the same tower.

If you want a say about this development you will have the chance.

This is a non-complying development so Council will need to undertake category 3 Public Notification.  Our Community Land Management Plan also requires some community consultation.

It is likely that these letters will be going out in the next week or so.