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The Vodafone Tower at Goodwood Oval proposal, the subject of a number of my blog posts back in August,  is back out for public consultation.


Goodwood Oval South East Light Tower

Goodwood Oval South East Light Tower

This time it not relevant to the Development application lodged by Vodafone and relevant to a sitting of our Development Assessment Panel (DAP). This is in relation to the full council considering first whether to accept a leasing opportunity before it is considered by the DAP.

This is in keeping with the observation made in a comment from a very astute rate payer, which our administration have clearly now implemented. This is public land and under the Local Government Act we must confer with our public before entering into any arrangement such as leasing infrastructure to a third party.

Unlike with the DAP where you are unable to talk to the DAP members to avoid them having a conflict of interest this consultation provides an opportunity for you to represent to the Council and open up dialogue with the elected members (lobby if you wish).

BY way of a reminder the Specific details are:-

    • Replacing the existing 25 metre tower with a new, stronger 30 metre tower.
    • The sports lighting attached to the new tower would be replaced at the same height and
      position as the existing lights. There will be no change to existing light intensity or spill.
  • The mobile phone infrastructure will be located above the lights.

So here is your chance, Have Your Say before 28 October either by writing to PO Box 1 Unley SA 5061, or at the web site

I am sure you will contact Jennie and I but for your message to be heard you need to use the above methods as the other councillors need to hear your opinions.