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Following on from yesterday’s post about the 2014 Council Elections I thought it was timely to remind you of changes to the structure of Council with the upcoming election.

You may remember I advised back in September that Goodwood South Ward will be re-named Clarence Park Ward. This will address an anomaly in that Goodwood South is the only Ward not named after one of its suburbs.

Being named Clarence Park means the Clarence Park Community Centre will now reside in the ward of its name notwithstanding it is not located in the suburb of its name. The Community Centre is all but the centre of the ward as it is currently structured, which In suggest is somewhat symbolic.

There will be some changes in the geographical boundaries of the wards. Clarence Park’s borders however will remain unchanged. The Clarence Park map is shown below. If you would like to see what the new boundaries of the other wards will be visit the Unley website page