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After the success of the Cromer Parade and Millswood Crescent residents in getting the volume and pitch of the Fairfax Street pedestrian crossing lowered people power is targeting another crossing.

With the help of local State MP for Ashford Steph Key, a resident from Fairmont Avenue is putting a petition together to have the warning device at the East Avenue Rail Crossing likewise lowered. Steph has indicated she will present this petition to the Minister.

I must say that where i live some 200 m south of the crossing it is my impression that these bells have changed. I rarely heard them before and now they are a constant reminder that there is train traffic on the tracks again. Needless to say my wife & I both signed the petition.

If you have a problem with these warning bells and have not seen the petition can I recommend you let Steph know. She can include your input when confronting the Minister.