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With funding from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure the City of Unley is partnering with them to provide murals to all 4 sides of the tram overpass by Forestville Reserve. The project is called the Good Forest murals.

The area has recently seen the completion of four major infrastructure projects:
·                     Rail Electrification Project
·                     Goodwood Grade Separation Project
·                     Greenways Project
·                     Brown Hill Creek upgrade
Forestville Reserve has also had some upgrades most notably the playground area. The murals will be one of the last projects to complete the improved changes in the area.
The overpass has been a major hot spot for illegal graffiti for many years and considered an eyesore by many of us in the west. There have been many calls over a long time for something t be done about it.

The artworks will significantly improve the physical environment for all members of the community. It will be one of the most significant mural projects in Adelaide. Research consistently shows that murals produced by professional artists on large blank walls reduce the chances of further illegal graffiti. 
Tenders are being called from artists and they will be asked to consider in their proposals the following themes:
·                     the heritage of the local area;
·                     the natural environment;
·                     recreational opportunities;
·                     contemplation and motion (acknowledgement of the Reserve and its proximity to a multi-use                         social and transport hub);
·                     connectedness;
·                     social and cultural diversity; and
·                     sense of place
The artworks will not contain tagging, bubble or wild style lettering, illegal, offensive, sexual or racist activities, slogans or depictions.

DPTI is committed to preparing the walls to their best condition and re-painted with a neutral colour in preparation of the murals. Once the murals are complete, anti-graffiti coating will be applied by DPTI. It is also anticipated that a planting program of low level, native bushes will be implemented.
All aspects of the project including site preparation, equipment, security, safety induction and monitoring will be managed by DPTI.
Completion of the project is anticipated by mid September dependent on site preparation and weather.