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Whilst I have been questioning if we should be going back to the drawing board or even rejecting DPA2 there is a component that deserves to remain open for consideration. That is providing for growth of aged care facilities within Unley.

Scattered through our fair city are a number of aged care facilities, on different land sizes and in different surroundings.

As I read through the community feedback to the DPA I gleaned that there was sympathy from most for these institutions to be able to expand by growing upwards. This is something I agree with.
Some of the institutions are located where the impact of increasing the building height would not greatly impact the surrounding homes. Some have built out their sites to the maximum, some of these to the detriment of private open space.
The DPA has included all but I think one of these facilities and the one it has missed has made a submission for inclusion. That is the one on Victoria Street, Millswood. In my ward.
As I assess their site it may just work if they were allowed extra height in redeveloping their site. This is one site that desperately needs more open space and that would have to be trade off.
That applies to the rest. The trade off has to be improving open space, preferably green open space.
We need also in my opinion to assess the value, as we did with DPA3, to keep al development within a 30 degree envelope.
Love to know what others think? Let me know what you think.