What is happening with the Back Forest LATM & Byron Road

Last Month I reported that Council approved the recommendations from the exhaustive Black Forest LATM we undertook last year. I reported also last week that Canterbury Terrace has also now the green light for modifications to address bicycle safety.

Most of the recommendations from the LATM have been programmed to be executed. The work in Byron Road however, which attracted the largest funding requirement was, as I noted, put on hold pending advice from the State Government of their intentions for South Road.

The story is that the State Government wants South Road (in time) to be a non stop express way. To facilitate this it may be that all suburban streets intersecting with South Road may become dead ends.

At my request our administration is seeking information for the State Government’s relevant department (DPTI) as to what is planned for South Road. The reason is we do not want to be wasting the rates you pay council doing the recommended work on Byron Road if it quickly becomes obsolete because the Government has plans for the streets that intersect with South Road that make this work redundant.

We are still waiting for a firm commitment as to what they are doing but it appears the design work will take the rest of this year to complete. That being the case it may be that we (Council) may need to wait until the end of the year (when a new Council will commence) before committing to do anything on Byron Road.


  1. Pat   •  

    I get the feeling that any works on Byron Road will be years away.

  2. That may well be. There are no guarantees in Government as I have found out.

    Realistically though Pat we should have knowledge of the State Government’s designs for the intersection of Byron and other streets to South Road by no later than the end of this year. That is assuming that both ends of South Road will be in the Federal Budget handed down next week…..and the word is, it will.

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