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Be aware that a no vote in the upcoming referenda will not maintain the status quo.

Normally a no vote in referenda maintains the status quo but not this time. In every referenda held in this country the item of the referenda is proposing change. Make no mistake ….. not this time.

Federal Governments have been funding Local Government’s directly for a long time, irrespective of political persuasion, Liberal or Labor. It has been a practice that all forms of government have accepted and it has worked well.

As I have said in a recent post the Feds at the end of the day control the majority of the purse strings.

At the upcoming election you will be asked to recognise Local Government in the constitution so that this practice may continue.

So a yes vote will maintain the status quo. A no vote on the other hand may, in light of recent challenges to the high court, mean that this practice will have to cease.

Be very certain of this. If you and your country men & women vote no then what the current practice is may have to cease. This can only mean funding must be transferred via the State Government.

And I simply ask this… this what you want?