Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

The Brown Hill, Keswick Creek Storm Water Project is progressing, slowly but surely. Your patience is appreciated as we move the project forward to a point where we can consult the public.

Be assured that (from an Unley point of view at least) that if and when the 5 councils put a proposition to the public it will have enough substance to allow informed debate. Much of the public debate currently is uninformed because the facts are not on the table. 

Here is where we are now. A report was presented to the November Council meeting, and to the other 4 councils I understand.  After considering this report and hearing deputations Council resolved:

  1. The Report be received.
  2. The final report acknowledges that many Unley residents will not accept any option that has high flow culverts in Unley streets and seeks to find a viable option that achieves this.
  3. The Save Our Streets group be added to the list of special interest groups.

Whilst I was unable to attend this meeting due to poor health I absolutely support this motion, as put by my Ward co-Councillor.

This means that the Project Group will investigate options that do not involve high flow culverts in the streets of Unley.  A number of options involve the construction of dams in Mitcham and the clearing and widening of the creek, or the combination of these.
Like you, I am frustrated that the investigations have not been completed. 

It is essential however that we have all the facts before us, given the importance of this project. We expect that investigation of all options will be completed soon enabling all five councils will consider these options before extensive community consultation occurs.

The last 12 months have gone slow as the project engineers try to find solutions to allow a no dam option. This is a process I believe had to be undertaken. I say this notwithstanding I had grave reservations about the culvert options.
The Council and I are committed to finding the best drainage solution that protects houses and businesses in the flood plains. We will find a solution that will have the least environmental, financial and social impacts. 

It is not our wish to impose an unrealistic expense on ratepayers, to allow the destruction of heritage sites or significant trees, to ruin the amenity of your neighbourhood or to exacerbate disruptions in our community.