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The Residential Zone proposed in DPA2 includes for a vast area which will change the area per house down from 350 m2 per house to 300 m2 per house.

On the face of it the height of buildings will remain the same at 2 storeys. But there is a chance that 3 storey development could occur.

This 3 storey development is unlikely to occur at all, let alone in large quantities. My reading of the plan is the third floor can only be achieved in a development where the property being developed will have to be over 5,000 m2 and provided the additional height above 2 storeys is unobtrusive to surrounding and adjacent land.

As I indicate in another of these blog posts today on DPA2 a developer would have to purchase multiple adjoining properties to make this possible. In my opinion (as I note in the blog post) a developer would have to convince a number of adjoining property owners to sell to them at one time because they will not wait up to twenty years to get the fourth, or fifth or sixth property.

This “initiative” is therefore very unlikely to contribute at all, let alone significantly, to addressing the population targets that the Government have pushed on the City of Unley. And given we have already met the targets with the Development Plan Amendment for Greenhill Road and Unley Road it makes no sense to this little bunny that we should allow for such a possibility.

It is almost like a token effort by council to appease the big brother.

As your local representative it is my take that there is no need for the third storey. It adds little in my opinion to the Government’s population projections. At the same time it potentially changes the face of an entire neighbourhood, noting the the Residential Zone in Clarence Park will be significant.

It is not necessary.