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The almost 100 year old underpass on Goodwood Road (it will be in 2015) is being spruked for a facelift.

Local State MP for Ashford Steph Key presented a vision to Council last night of what may be possible in turning the now tired infrastructure at the lead into the Goodwood Precinct from the South. Well done Steph on pushing this.

With support I believe from State MP for Unley David Pisoni this might actually be something that locals could look forward to.

A survey was conducted apparently before my time on council but as with many things political it stalled. Steph and our Deputy Mayor Bob Schnell have been communicating with each other to bring it back on the agenda. Bob is one of the councillors representing the Goodwood Ward.

Curiously the councillors representing the wards that the underpass dissects, Unley Park & Goodwood South have yet to be canvassed.

Having said that extensive public consultation during the next twelve months is anticipated with the hope that something could be afoot for the underpasses 100 year birthday.