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Proclamation Day unchallenged by Unley call to change to South Australia Day

The recent call by Unley Council for the LGA to champion with the State Government for a change in the name of Proclamation Day failed to even get to the vote.

One of my colleagues, Cr Mike Hudson (from the Parkside Ward) has a passion for accurate history. He has on many occasions, privately, in the chamber and publicly proclaimed (if I can use that word) that the South Australian history is inaccurate.

These claims have not been based on his personal understanding but on those of historians he knows well. In an attempt to right some of the myth he felt it would be good for the Local Government Association to champion the cause by lobbying the State Government to start to right some of the misinformation.

The motion was put in his absence, unfortunately for him, and whilst seconded apparently, did not get to a vote. Storey is it was deemed an inappropriate motion for an LGA annual meeting. I guess that means it lies on the table until someone wants to pick it up again because in the absence of a vote it actually has not been defeated. Mike will be disappointed when he returns from a vacation to hear of this.

We will all know when he returns from oversees because he is sure to post something about this on his Mr Grumpy blog site.