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I emailed this letter last night to the group known as Unley Oval Concerned Citizens.

As the mover of the motion noted in your newsletter number 2 I thought I might add to your communication. 
The reasons for my bring the motion that I did was to focus councils attention on that which has been identified during the community consultation phase of the master plan as worthy of looking at. The time for master planning is past in my opinion and the time right for looking at specific projects that have been identified by the process.
I felt we were getting on a never-ending roundabout of master planning and that we needed to get off this because it was not productive and causing stress to everyone elected members, council management and staff, our residents and our sporting clubs alike.
Those specifics I identified that warranted priority include finding ways that can improve general community access to the precinct and to upgrade the facilities that most people recognise have now worn out and in need of repair.
Master planning is essential for any community facility to improve the chances that it is fit for purpose in the years to come. Ie  a plan for the next 20 years. Master planning will therefore continue over the years to evolve as future use is identified and potential recognised.
When master planning is done all possible potential and issues need to be identified and this has happened in this case. That includes things that then can be recognised as not being needed or are in need of prioritising.
That is why we entertained an approach by Sturt Cricket Club who promoted they wanted to return. By looking at the whole precinct holistically (which is what master planning does) we were able to ascertain there was no future for their senior teams to return to the Oval. 
The process had to be undertaken even though many thought that by investigating it was therefore a done deal because simply because we discussed it.

In spite of the rumours that keep abounding I hope my motion helps us all, council and public, to focus now on the “now” rather than the twenty-year plan.