Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

It was great to see our CEO follow on from comments I made in my post of 3rd July regarding Sturt FC and Unley Oval under the heading community assets review.

His letter to the editor of the Eastern Courier refers. (Sorry but if you want to know what he has to say .. get a copy of this week’s Eastern Courier).

It is good to see also that as a member of both the community assets review committee for council and as a member of the Unley Oval Advisory Group that the press does not know more than I do. I must say I was starting to wonder reading some of the articles in the last few weeks.

As a member of those groups I am keen to see us move forward to creating a workable master plan that works for residents and works also for the clubs (including Sturt) using this and other facilities. This will take time and any preempting of the results will be counter productive in my view.

I note that council last Monday night at the City Strategy & Policy committee meeting agreed to investigate short term leasing options for the building containing Jack’s bar to buy time while the master planning process begins. To do otherwise would have been a mistake.

As we move forward it was great to see Sturt’s CEO Matt Benson in a letter to council indicate that the club is recognising the need to focus on where they want to be in the future, encouraged by Council’s Community Assets Review.

Now onto more important news.

I will be hading off to what used to be called the “Ponderosa” to see the double blues take on the team of the last decade in Centrals to pursue their claim on the top five. Go Blues!