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On Tuesday night Council will decide what preferred options we wish to promote under the Representation Review we must conduct every 8 years or so.

Once we have done this (as I have previously reported) we will go out again to the public for their feedback on the preferred model.

Only two possible changes are to be debated and they are:

1                     A reduction of ward from 5 to 6 and therefore the reduction of elected members from 12 to 10, plus the Mayor. The debate on this one will be interesting.

2                     A name change for one ward, our ward … Goodwood South.


It is being proposed to change the name to “Clarence Park”, one of the suburbs of Goodwood South. All other wards currently reflect one of their suburbs, leaving Goodwood South the odd man out.

The other suburbs of Goodwood South are Black Forest, and part Millswood (west of Goodwood Road).

Jennie & I will be interested to know what you think of this proposal assuming it gets the green light on Tuesday.more »