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Angst and tension and a building of mistrust noted in my last post on the rail projects look set to elevate to a new level.

Residents are horrified as they await the information session planned for Sunday week and as they are told that designs are not finalised to hear the storey or rumours unfolding now.

I heard yesterday from two sources, one from workers in the rail corridor and one from a resident having been advised similarly that the contractors are about to:

lay ballast,
install the sleepers and
lay the rail lines

between Clarence Park Station and Emerson.

Good news that the project is moving on and maybe a sign that it IS ahead of schedule. Not good news however for residents waiting on answers to questions that have been DPTI that they believe need answering before this stage of work proceeds.

Such action will of course determine the alignment of the electrical infrastructure, determine what form it will take (surely a “T”style structure being requested by residents becomes impossible) and where the fences will be located. And it would be too late to achieve things like bike paths along Cromer Parade within the corridor simply because it would be too late even though it may be obvious it could have been.

If what is being suggested in this post is accurate then the concerns I expressed in my previous post may become true in the very near future.

As one resident has suggested the one question needing answered at the next CAG meeting will need to be about honesty in the relationship.

And again I find myself hoping that my information is not accurate. If it is not it is incumbent on DPTI to get on the front foot and tell us.