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I received advice yesterday from our Depot’s management team that we will be trialling a new system of advance notification of our intent to clean the gutters of a given street.

I suggested early last year after prompting by a resident in Frederick Street Clarence Park that we consider texting selected residents that we are about to clean their street. This resident envisaged a scheme similar to that used by the CFS on bushfire days. People have the opportunity to volunteer to be included in the texting register.

Since then I have continued to nudge this and it appears other councillors have started doing the same.

The benefits of doing this include:

1    That we, as residents, will know our streets are being cleaned.

2     That we will know when which enables us to

a) Get our street parked cars out of the way so that the whole street can be cleaned.

b) Volunteer to sweep the mess on the footpath into the gutters on streets that we know are not wide enough for our footpath sweeper to access.

c) Allow those who get the message to pass it onto neighbours they know have not provided their mobile phone number to.

When I know more about when this may be rolled out I will advise through this blog