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The Advertiser featured an article about the Mayor this morning suggesting he is resisting Council calls to step down.

Last time I looked I was a member of that same council. And last time I looked there have been no calls from the council of which I thought I was a member to stand aside.

But how would I know because I am only a member of council and we certainly cannot doubt the press because they surely would not get it wrong.

And this comes after the Eastern Courier telling the world I did not return a phone call I never received.

Please, please, please — the mayor was elected by the ratepayers of Unley and he cannot be forced to stand aside. And assuming we could why would we. By my observations he is performing his duties well, in spite of his personal challenges.

We did debate last week whether or not to consider whether we appoint from amongst our number a deputy mayor. This was defeated  9 to 3 which I would have thought was hardly an endorsement for the mayor to stand down. But what would I know.