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This email is addressed to DPTI with CAG and G-RAG people known to me copied in.


It is addressed to DPTI for two purposes

1                     To indicate (as an affected resident) of my absolute displeasure at what recently occurred to my house as a result of the rail corridor works (adjacent gate 39).

2                     To use my experience as a guide for the remainder of works going forward.

I copy in CAG & G-RAG members as a means of ensuring that my message is heard. I truly think this needs to be on your two agenda.


So what is going on?


Early this week we experienced a roller compacting ballast adjacent us on the west line (we live on the east of the corridor, all but 30 metres from the line). The roller caused significant vibrations in my house according to my wife. The vibrations were (to quote her) like an earthquake, frightening our granddaughter to the point of her running scared to Nanna for protection. They were so severe that she (Nanna) was concerned for their safety, needlessly as it turned out. Pictures on our walls all moved out of alignment.

This work caused new cracking in our house. As a building inspector I note that these cracks are (at least at this point in time) minor. It also caused cracks known to us to increase, albeit not to a point that I would have concern over.

Beyond that I am aware that a neighbour experienced vibrations sufficient to cause objects to fall off their overhead cupboards, supporting my wife’s earthquake theory. Curiously the house in our area closest to the line felt the vibrations but they were not unduly alarmed and have not indicated being aware of any damage.

The problem  firstly is that DPTI were adamant that only those houses with a potential for being impacted on would need dilapidation surveys done and that the relevant home owners would be notified if that potential existed. We weren’t and neither were my neighbours. Little did we realise that the work on our section of the line had the potential to cause what we have experienced. DPTI should have though.

The next issue is that with all the notices going around alerting residents to forward work programming we were not informed about this, and this is clearly the MOST significant and impacting work to be carried out adjacent our house. The workers currently on site thankfully have advised us that the east track is due for ballast supply and compacting on Thursday and Friday of next week.


As an affected resident – WE ARE NOT PLEASED at the lack of respect shown us.
As one of the elected members of Unley trying to assist with communications between DPTI and the affected residents I am really concerned that the worst is yet to come with what has been a troubled relationship between the two if lessons are not learnt. From my experience as the compacting of ballast is done adjacent houses much closer to the rail lines than my house. Please DPTI please lift your game. I suspect that life has been so strained in the Goodwood area that other residents have been forgotten, particularly in areas like mine where the relationship has been OK.


After all that have a Great Day!