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A 10 year Memorial Service is to be held at St Augustine’s Anglican Church followed by laying of wreathes at the memorial at Unley Oval later this month.

10 years ago members of the Sturt Football Club, celebrating their winning of that year’s SANFL premiership, were caught up in the bombing that shook the world. At that time many in the club were counselled by the then Rector of St Augustine’s, Brenton Daulby.

It was fitting therefore for I felt when (as a Warden at the church) I suggested about a year ago that St Augustine’s host a memorial service for the club. Little did I realise when making the offer on behalf of the Church to Sturt CEO Matt Benson that it would be as big as it appears to have become.

The service will be on the anniversary Friday October 12, commencing at the Church at 9.30 am. Those attending will then take the short walk down Oxford Terrace to the Oval for the laying of wreathes at the Memorial at around 10.05 am.

We are expecting a number of prominent citizens of South Australia including amongst them, the Governor, the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition, the local member, the Mayor and elected members of the City of Unley.

Those wishing to pay their respects are welcome and encouraged to attend.