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I have just received a copy of an extract from Hansard (sent to all Unley elected members) of a motion put recently by Bob Such MP.

For those of you have heard Bob on Radio (in particular 5AA) in recent times you will know he has been advocating increasing the current Unley speed limit of 40 kph to 50 kph, to match the National Road Rules default limit.

50Km down this street?

Unley’s back streets qualifying for the same speed limits as the main roads; Unley’s narrow, no room to park both sides of the streets roads; Unley’s corridor of bike friendly streets; Unley’s strip shopping centres with roads intersecting them compared to shopping centres elsewhere.

This surely raises the question of whether we should be making environments that are designed for the motor car or whether it is time to be focusing on pedestrian safety in lieu.
Tell me what you think please, is Bob correct or is Unley ahead of it’s time?