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We all know from recent press Bob Such is against 40kph and in so doing he targeted the City of Unley policy of 40 kph.

He is persisting and has written to the Minister of Road Safety (Jennifer Rankine) regarding the current proposal to make King William Road a 40kph zone. The minister has passed it onto us because it is a local road that comes under our care, control and management.

A transcript of his letter follows:

It is interesting how someone outside our area can know better than us. And his logic has it that if we have a lower speed it will encourage motorists to avoid shopping in the street.

He is right…motorists drive cars, they don’t shop. Pedestrians aka shoppers shop…they don’t drive cars.

Surely motorists have a focus on getting to where they want to go and they don’t they slow down until they get there, when they start thinking as a pedestrian rather than a motorist. Surely if you want to drive down King William Road at 50kph you do not have any intent on stopping to shop.

Sorry Bob! You have this wrong.

The next time your constituents want to come to your office in the Hub I wonder what those not in cars will think of those in cars that decide to travel at 50kph within the shopping centre. Yes the area you have your shop is in a shopping centre, which is designed for pedestrians.

Well last time I looked King William Road is a shopping precinct and the shoppers that use this precinct, whether they be preferentially treated local residents as you put it, or outsiders who do decide to stop and shop, deserve to be given the same safe environment as the Hub, or Marion, or Tea Tree Plaza, or wherever.