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It seems such a long time ago but during my time on Council (just 4 1/2 years) we have finally seen this project finally get to the point of a final public consultation. As detailed a project as it is and as diverse the options and the views on those options the consultation I believe is focused on one option….Option D.


That is a formal consultation because as most would know there has been an ongoing conversation for a long time now.

I am thankful it will now be formally in the public arena. I am concerned that the conversation will be somewhat stifled and restricted from the people exploring all options. I am hopeful that this will not be the case.

I supported a motion last night by my co-councilor Jennie Boisvert to remove all reference to a preferred option so that the public debate would cover all options. Too often Councils go out to consultation talking their own language and not recognising how best to talk to the people that will be responding to the survey/consultation.

Unfortunately my colleagues did not see what we saw and we have lost an opportunity to take a lead among the 5 councils involved.

Suffice it to say you all have the opportunity now over the next couple of months to have your say and let the steering committee and the 5 councils know what you believe is the way forward. It will be a 6 week consultation period commencing mid May. Watch out for news on when and how you can contribute.