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Yes the stormwater plan is now available for public consideration and consultation and, as I predicted in my last blog on this topic, the City of Mitcham are facing stiff opposition to the dam component.

Alternative strategies have now been provisionally explored by the consultants and we received an analysis of these one day before our first open public forum on the concept put before all the affected councils a few months back.

Where to from here? Our forums will continue while our administration deciphers the alternatives so they can give an accurate report to elected members later this week.

While we await the results of this analysis I have already had a brief look myself. I have concerns with the proposals (if I am reading them right) and would therefore want to be assured that public interest components being proposed in the alternatives do not potentially have the citizens of Unley find a need to protest.

In other words we need to be careful that we in Unley do not pay a penalty in order to appease the residents in Mitcham, notwithstanding any merits in their case.

Increasing the size of the infrastructure within the Unley boundaries must be done with care in that there is room within our current infrastructure and without impacting our regime of significant trees.

I guess it is a case still of watch this space.