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Many will have kept abreast of the recent history of the slow progress of developing a workable 100 year stormwater plan for the Brownhill & Keswick Creeks that 5 Councils (Mitcham, Unley, Burnside, Adelaide and West Torrens) are due to submit to the Stormwater Management Authority.

The design project has experienced delays upon delay and there has been some personal bartering between mayors of at least two of the councils in the media over the time.

The good news is we expect to meet the current deadline of 30 April 2012.

The current or should I say the revised plan, put together by consultants Worley Parsons, will apparently be released to the public on the 6th of September, the same day that elected members of the City of Mitcham will be briefed. Unley’s elected members are due to be briefed two days later.

Once the briefings are completed and any adjustments felt necessary are included the amended draft will be submitted to council for endorsement for going out to public consultation. The consultation will be conducted by UPRS, a specialist in infrastructure public consultation.

It is expected that this will be carried out between mid September and mid October although I sense it may be a bit later than that.