Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

I have long advocated for a Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee to oversee improved prosperity for the Unley community.

Those of you who know me are aware of my ongoing election pledge of economic prosperity. It was one of four commitments at the last election.


Economic Growth StrategySince I became a member of Council back in 2010, I have been advocating for very similar to this model. I am therefore rejoicing that we have finally reached this point. This will surely be the trigger for a thriving and prosperous community, with Council clearly seen to be supporting its business community.

The committee will support the Council to implement our Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-2025. Indeed, forming this committee is a key component of that strategy. Indeed, step no 1 of the strategy. A strategy, as readers of my blogs would know, I helped to formulate.

They hopefully will provide the impetus for Council to be seen as a leader in delivering economic development outcomes. Outcomes that drive employment, business attraction, home-based business, and new industries.

It (the committee) will include a minimum of four and a maximum of six independent members. I can confirm I was elected this week as one of the two elected members to sit on this committee.


The independent members will be selected from suitably qualified people. People who can demonstrate that they have strong business networks. Who can demonstrate that they can constructively participate in an advisory capacity? They must be currently or recently running a business within the City of Unley or a resident with specific expertise in a business-related area. Business leaders with specific skills and experience are also welcome.

Registrations have closed and interviews will commence shortly. I look forward to assisting in evaluating the candidates and providing Council with a list for their approval.

I likewise look forward to working with this new Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Council this week also endorsed the continuation of the Main Street Management Model.


Council has for 20 or more years provided the facility to collect membership fees to promote and market the streets. The model has come under question often during that time. Differences between the various street’s approaches have been the focus of this questioning. The very need for Council to be involved with raising their fees has equally been challenged often.

Council’s administration has worked with the four remaining street associations to develop strategic goals over the last twelve months. From my observation, they are as well placed as they have been in my time. This encouraged me to vote in the affirmative to keep the current model.

That said, I expect the Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee to offer their thoughts on the future of the main streets, as much as any other issue identified in our strategy.