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My comment on the Eastern Courier Article
re Deputy MAYOR
and a notice of Motion for the upcoming Council Meeting.
This councillor has just returned home from a short stay in hospital to some heavy reading.  Boy has there been some fun things happening in council during this last month while I have been challenged with health issues.
First up his co-councillor Jennie Boisvert has given notice that she intends to move a motion that we elect a Deputy Mayor at the council meeting on Monday night. I also read an Eastern Courier story on the same subject with some inaccuracies.
First up the Eastern Courier have suggested I did not return a call. What call I ask? There have been NO unanswered voice mails on my phone. Had they (the Eastern Courier) truly tried to get me to respond on the question of a need for a deputy mayor I would have informed them that I would likely support the move.
I would also have pointed out that the Mayor himself flagged such a move in his report to the June Council meeting. In his report he suggested elected members give thought to electing from their number a Deputy Mayor by say November.
Jennies motion will, if successful obviously bring this forward.

And the jury is out. I wish to hear the debate for and against before I vote one way or the other. And as far as I am concerned we will be electing a deputy mayor because we believe we can represent the people of Unley in the best way possible, not to address any personal situation facing the Mayor.