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Is the Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk the answer to a problem or a problem in it’s own right?

Prior to my joining Council I understand that many residents in Canterbury Terrace and in Byron Road were concerned about the traffic ability of the footway to the south of the Clarence Park Railway Station entrance. They were concerned that the exposed tree roots prevented safe movement through this section of footway.

As a local and having avoided walking this section myself I fully understand that this needed to be addressed.

Did Council come up with the correct solution?
Based on complaints I have received from residents it appears not.

Our administration, on my request, have examined the structure and they consider it is not DDA compliant. I concur with their assessment and have, given my wife must use a scooter to get around, felt this way since it was first erected.

It fails the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)on at least two counts.

It is not wide enough to allow scooters or wheelchairs or Mothers with pushers to pass. The ramps at either end are way to steep also to allow access onto the ramp. The access to the northern end is also too close to the railway station entrance get to allow for turning circles.

Given this pedestrians, particularly those with disabilities, are forced to cross the road for safe passage along Canterbury Terrace noting that the footway on the East Avenue side of the railway entrance remains impassible.

Crossing the road is the real issue here (I would have thought) in as much as there is no clear vision of oncoming traffic to allow confident crossing over the road.

Where to from here?

Council’s administration will include further investigation into this area as part of the traffic management investigation into Byron Road and surrounds that I have previously blogged about.

Your input! I would love to hear your thoughts about the success or otherwise of the boardwalk and suggestions you may have for alternative solutions.

Let’s make our local environment a truly safe one!