Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Thanks to those residents who turned up last Tuesday evening to the street meeting called by Council to address concerns raised to me during last years election campaign about safety etc of the boardwalk.

About a dozen people provided us with valuable observations that we will take on board as we develop a program of improvement for the boardwalk and surrounding areas.

These people included a handful of residents of Canterbury Terrace and a number of frequent users of the Boardwalk.

Access for scooters, prams etc was discussed along with concerns safety with one resident immediately opposite the boardwalk being concerned about young bike riders using the boardwalk as a dare.

Vision of on coming cars was also a concern for those wanting to cross Canterbury Terrace at the Railway station gates.

Our administration will now prepare a report on how we address the various observations and concerns.

My hope would be that we can get funding in the next budget for the initiatives that will be required to make this a safer environment.