U Turns at crnr Mills Street and Goodwood Road

As we grapple with the U Turn issues at this intersection and have been advised we can do no more from an engineering point of view, which means we must rely on SAPOL to monitor U Turns at this intersection, we find this suggestion being mooted at North Terrace.


Interesting reading.

U Turns on Mills Street

Looks like my efforts to improve the geometry of the intersection of Mills Street to Goodwood Road has fallen over.

We recently changed the configuration of traffic islands to address a dangerous situation with drivers doing U Turns but entering Mills Street to do it. There had been many near misses as reported by residents in the area and i had witnessed a number myself.

The changes made are in accordance with DPTI regulations and we cannot extend the island any further into Goodwood Road.

This means that U Turns are still possible and in fact easier to manoeuvre, all on Goodwood Road. In my opinion there is still a safety issue but we are informed by our road traffic staff that the only solution is for SAPOL to police it.

This they will be asked to do.

Thumbs Up for 50 km/h on Goodwood Road

GOODWOOD Rd’s new 50km/h speed limit is improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, the strip’s traders say.

Shop owners told the Eastern Courier Messenger last week they were already seeing the benefits of the lower limit between Leader St and the Millswood rail underpass, introduced by the Transport Department last month.

Goodwood Road Traders’ Association chair Leonie Clyne said traders and shoppers had noticed an improvement in driver behaviour.

“On the whole, it’s less frantic, particularly during peak periods,” Mrs Clyne said.

She said reducing the speed was a step in the right direction to improve safety.

“It’s very important because the accidents we have seen are from people being impatient and zipping out of the lanes.”

Mrs Clyne encouraged visitors to use carparks behind Goodwood Rd shops instead of parking on the street to help alleviate congestion.

Goodwood Bakehouse owner Louis Langanis said traffic had slowed.

He said the lower limit had improved pedestrian safety, especially for shoppers and for children walking to and from Goodwood Primary School.

However, Mr Langanis said cars parked along Goodwood Rd continued to create traffic problems.

“It’s a contentious issue but there’s no simple solution,” Mr Langanis said.

“A (permanent) clearway isn’t good for traders.

“We’ve started closing earlier, about 4pm, because once it’s a clearway no-one stops to come into the shops.”

Urban Myth Theatre artistic director Glenn Hayden said staff had noticed an improvement during the day since the lower speed limit was introduced.

The Transport Department dropped the speed limit from 60km/h to 50km/h after Unley Council approached it with concerns about pedestrian and driver safety.

More than 31,000 motorists use the road daily.

U Turns on Mills Street

In spite of efforts by your two local ward councillors it appears we cannot improve any further our efforts to prevent u turns at the junction of Goodwood Road and Mills Street.

Apparently we cannot extend the island we recently erected at this location any further into Goodwood Road because we could be held liable if someone doing a U Turn were to hit it, and a collision with other cars resulted from what would be a retarding of their progress.

As constructed it allows left turns from south travelling cars on Goodwood Road and extending the island will also tighten access for these cars.

We will be alerting SAPOL to the frequency of offending and trust they will police it in the near future.

Urban Myth settled into their new home

Yes Urban Myth have settled into their new home, at the Goodwood Institute building on Goodwood Road. A home that is a far cry from their old home in one of the cottages on the Village Green in Edmund Street, Unley.

Urban Myth Theatre Company of South Australia is an internationally award winning youth arts organisation. Established in 1981, the company has nurtured the talents and leadership skills of over 10,000 young people in Adelaide, Rural South Australia and Internationally.

Their  home at the Goodwood Institute  provides these young participants, professional practitioners and visitors a Creative Hub to explore and deliver their work. With its 212-seat theatre, 2 studios, music bar and gallery, the Goodwood is a home for the arts that South Australia can be proud.Urban Myth Theatre Company at the Goodwood Institute is more than a theatre company, it’s an international home of the performing arts.

As their artistic director Glenn Hayden told me yesteraday as he ushered me around the facility Urban Myth now can be seen as the premier Youth Arts facility, not a “cottage” industry.

I reckon we will see this new resident of Goodwood Road particpate in making Goodwood Road the centre of performing excellence.

Community of Possibilities-Public Forum

Over the last few days the young staff of our swimming centre have been out in the streets of Unley soliciting your views.

These young guys and girls put in a great effort. They have obtained some good observations from the people who responded to them. The ideas obtained will feed into our new strategic plan and I look forward to seeing what passions our people have.

I spent some time at the Goodwood Road session yesterday and some time again today at the Farmers Market at the showgrounds. It was great to see the enthusiasm of our younger staff and the passion they put into the exercise.

And a big thank you goes to those people who gave their time to answer the four questions these young people put to you. Your input is highly valued.

Community of Possibilities-Public Forum

As part of our efforts to find out what sort of future you want for Unley we have adopted a number of initiatives.

These include posting on our web site and in Facebook.It includes a mail out with a questionnaire to every household.

On the website our will also be able to view a short film that has been produced which stars our Mayor and CEO – along with various community members promoting the opportunity for all to get involved and have their say about the future of Unley.

We have also planned to meet you out in the villages as per the schedule below:
  • Unley Shopping Centre – Saturday 16 June – 11am to 1pm
  • Goodwood Road Shopping area – Saturday 16 June – 10am to 1pm
  • Highgate Mall – Thursday 14 June – 3pm to 5pm
  • King William Road – Saturday 16 June – 2pm to 5pm
  • Farmers Market – Sunday 17 June – 9am to 12noon
  • Sturt Football Club (Panthers Game) Saturday 16 June – 12pm to 2pm
I intend to be present at both the Goodwood Road and Farmers Market as listed above, with a short break away to join Kate Ellis’s street meeting at 11.30 at Dora Guild Playground when we are at Goodwood Road.

U-Turn on Mills Street

The much heralded (by me) removal of the ability of drivers to complete a U-Turn at the junction of Goodwood Road and Mills Street appears to have been completed.

Not so. It appears to me that the project is not yet complete even though it looks like it is.

By my inspection I believe the U-Turn is still possible, indeed maybe even easier than it once was.

I have passed on my observation to our administration.

If anyone witnesses U-Turns in the next period of time please let me know.

Mike Turtur Bikeway Upgrade

A Safety Upgrade is Mooted for the Mike Tuture Bikeway at Goodwood Road Crossing.

Installation of a single stage pedestrian and cyclist crossing, which will reduce the need to wait in the pedestrian refuge, is about to commence. This upgrade will make crossing Goodwood Road safer and easier and will shorten the distance from one side to the other.

The work will be undertaken by the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure.

For further information check out www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/infrastructure_projects. Any enquiries can be directed to the department at [email protected]

Goodwood Alive Christmas Festival

The western side of the City of Unley, often forgotten as being part of Unley is alive.

Yes – Come alive at the 2001 Goodwood Alive Christmas Festival on Saturday November 26 between 10am and 2pm.

Relax and enjoy the FREE kids activities and live entertainment.

Browse the local shops and market stalls – and even begin your Christmas Shopping.

Make sure you drop into the Capri Cinema for your 2 for 1 movie ticket and for those older guests the Goodwood cellars will be running a tasting.

Goodwood Road, Mitchell Street intersection.

With our recent success on Goodwood Road with the Pedestrian Crossing now in action we can move our focus to the corner of Mitchell Street and Goodwood Road.

I can report that ETSA has advised that the stobie poles that reduce vision for cars in Mitchell Street looking to turn into Goodwood Road (whether north or south) will be relocated as part of the undergrounding works in this location commencing in 2013.
I can also report that no objections were raised in a recent survey to installation of parking prohibitions in this location. Signs will therefore be installed this month
Unfortunately modifications to the shop front, such as setting back can only be considered when and if the site is redeveloped.