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It seems like it has been a long time coming but we have now settled on the make up of our section 41 committees. The independent members have now been inducted and the first meetings have been scheduled.

Membership of the committees is as per the table below.

Development Strategy & Policy Community & Culture Infrastructure and Sustainability. Unley Business & Economic Development
Presiding Member Cr Don Palmer Cr Peter Hughes Cr Michael Hewitson Cr John Koumi
Independent Members Doug Wallace John Hill Rod Hook Doug Strain
Grant Pember Lynn Arnold Peter Croft Orren Pruncken
Stephen Yarwood Elizabeth Bleby Gavin Brennan Alison Snel
Lloyd Roberts Heather Barclay Jodie Gaffney
 Representatives from the street trader associations.
Elected Members Cr John Koumi Cr Mike Hudson Cr Rob Sangster Cr Don Palmer
Cr Jennie Boisvert Cr Michael Rabbitt Cr Peter Hughes Cr Anthony Lapidge
Cr Anthony Lapidge Cr Bob Schnell Cr Bob Schnell Cr Luke Smolucha
Cr Luke Smolucha
Cr Rufus Salaman


The first meetings of these committees will be as follows:

Development Strategy & Policy   Committee Monday 20 April
Community & Culture Committee Wednesday 13 May
Infrastructure & Sustainability Wednesday 6 May
Unley Business & Economic Development Wednesday 29 April