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Council last night endorsed the recommendations of the Community Assets Review Committee to advance to the next stage.

Much has been achieved thus far with the review. Recommenced late last year with yours Truly a member of the committee overseeing it after stalling a few years ago we have achieved our original aim of consulting with the key stakeholders.

These stakeholders, the sporting clubs and other organisations using our various facilities, were asked to provide us with their visions for their future, to advise us their needs going forward. In some cases they were asked about recommendations stemming from the results of those older stalled consultations.

As a result of the review it has been determined that Master Planning IS required for the Unley Oval, the Goodwood Oval and the Millswood Sporting Complex.

With blessings last night stage II is ready to commence.

More on that later other than to say we would hope to be in a position where, subject to funding, we can start the Master Planning Process early next year.