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Cowper Road residents met with representatives of the Greenways team of DPTI to address concerns they have with the project.

As has happened on so many other aspects of the combined rail projects currently being constructed through Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley they were met with arguments that were not backed up by the DPTI representatives. Arguments that were provided were simply standard toe the company line responses.

These residents were concerned about possible loss of trees at the end of the street. They can’t be saved because excavation and compaction works in the area will kill them anyway because of their root structure.

Not so it would appear for the two they really want saved after some meaty discussions. Not so as well in as much as the excavation in this area may be no deeper than 100mm not the 500 mm indicated during discussions.

But they can’t be safe because of the route of the cycle path and the need for compliance with the DDA. No evidence was provided to support this theory however by way of plans showing design levels and current levels just standard line comments that there will need to be 500 of fill in this area.

We still await the evidence requested on Wednesday night which was promised for yesterday.