Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Matthew Abraham and David Bevan of ABC 891 fame broadcast from the W2 bus stop on Pulteney Street in the city on Thursday – taking a special look at public transport access for disabled people.

There are many challenges faced by those of us with disabilities.

We can take heart that there are those among us who are taking the challenge of making life as normal as possible for people who are faced with things like having to wait for 7 buses before being able to catch one that is designed to allow you to board it.

The City of Unley for one is taking it seriously. The Council only last month approved a recommendation for our City Strategy & Policy Committee for a program called “Access for All”, unanimously.

The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide at its annual Synod last month likewise passed a motion, seconded by myself as a representative of St Augustine’s Church of Unley, recognising the teaching of Jesus in Luke 14 in treating all people the same.