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The second Development Plan Amendment (DPA 3A) in response to the State Governments 30 Year plan has been approved by council to go to the Minister for consideration as being suitable.

This is the DPA concentrating on the main street corridors, namely Greenhill and Unley roads.

If approved as suitable it will go back out for public consultation for a minimum of 8 weeks.
After the consultation period has ended, a public hearing by the City Strategy & Policy Committee will be held to allow personal presentations. We will subsequently consider these representations and amend the DPA, if appropriate, before re-submitting it to the Minister for final determination.

Assuming the Minister does approve or if he does with amendments then it goes back to our community for their final contribution. They will have eight weeks to have input and we at Council will been keen to know what they think.

As much as we have (we believe) achieved significant concessions that address those issues raised in our initial community engagement in this draft there are issues still that we believe you (the community of Unley) will still want to influence. We will be seeking your opinion as soon as it comes back to us and look forward to your further valuable contribution.
Let us get the Unley we want, to quoin a phrase.