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At the invitation of Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch DPTI presented their proposals to re-establish the local wildlife disturbed by the recent rail revitilisation works through Unley.

This project, in partnership with the City of Unley and the NRM Board, will provide an opportunity for people to work them to return wildlife habitat to where it has been impaired or destroyed as the rail project rolled out over the last 9 months.

DPTI have undertaken to fund and facilitate community wildlife project information centres and nesting-box building workshops with students from surrounding schools. Examples of the boxes where available at the presentation. They showed video of the students of Black Forest and Goodwood Primary Schools enthusiastically committing to protecting their local environment.

This program, as reported before in this blog, is an extension of our very own nesting-box program; a program that has seen from memory some 30 boxes located mainly in the eastern parts of the City of Unley. This brings it out west.

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