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As I reported some time ago now I alerted DTEI, through our administration, that the rails the rail crossing on East Avenue was loose.

A big thank you to DTEI for commencing works on rectifying this.

Little did I realise the work entailed in effecting the repairs however. The crossing was closed at 6.00pm last night and will remain closed until 6.00 pm tomorrow night. And what a team was present to make it all happen.

Scenes of the work

And while the road may have been closed to allow work to proceed safely, the trains kept running with the worst of the work beign doen once the trains went to bed for the night.

The rail line will now be safer. Congratulations to all involved.

Post Script.

The yellow boxed lines I promised would happen earlier by DTEI. Not now, at least by them. We will be programming this work ourselves in the near future. Then hopefully cars will not bank across the rail line in peak traffic conditions.