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Council’s Administration has responded to Council’s request to investigate ways we can accelerate the footpath replacement program.

Most of you would be well aware that both Jennie and I included an accelerated program in our respective election campaigns.

It is great news therefore to learn that Administration have completed an investigation and are submitting their findings to our Audit Committee. Subject to how it is received by the Audit Committee I expect given the significance and detail that would apply to the report elected members are likely to be invited to a workshop to better understand it and contribute to a final draft.

It will be more easily dealt with at the City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting and subsequently council if this were to occur. We can then see if Council has an interest in bringing our footpaths for completion as early as 2019/20 rather than allowing it to take up to 2034, 23 years away.

There are a number of Goodwood South footpaths that are not on our radar that is causing concern amongst our residents. It will be great to be able to go to these people and let them know that their street has not been forgotten.