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As debate on Council’s preferred position on the Representation Review stalled at last night’s council meeting we did agree on proposing a name change of the one ward that does not have a name that is easily identifiable with the suburbs it covers.

As I noted in my last post we are legally bound to conduct a “representation review” every 8 years or so.

After a first round of public consultation resulting in one (yes one) response we sat done last night to prepare and decide on our preferred position before going back out for a second round of public consultation.

We agreed on the following:

1  That there be no change to the name of the city. Unley it was, Unley it is and Unley it is to stay. as far as we are concerned.

2   That the  Mayor still be elected by the people rather than appointed by the elected members.

3   The there be no area councillors in addition to the ward councillors.

4   That we will retain a 6 ward structure, rather than abolish wards altogether, and in lieu of changing to 3 wards as suggested by Parkside Councillor, John Koumi.

5   That we retain 12 elected members plus the Mayor.

What we could not agree on (actually we came close I believe) was where the ward boundaries should be in order to keep the rate payer to elected member ratio to within a 10% variance. We probably have the answer but we need to run the numbers on the suggestions made last night to confirm we are within the 10% or not, before endorsing it.

Once we do that, which will now be at next months Council meeting, we can go out to the public for your comments should you have any.