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Following on from my posts on this blog site back on the 25th April I can report Council had a briefing from DPTI last night. Goodwood South will be transformed by this project.

A positive for Goodwood South and more particularly the residents of Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Avenue). The stretch or rail line between Emerson Station and Clarence Park Station is the final link in a bicycle path from Marino to the City.

Until now cyclists using the greenways bike path have had to divert in and amongst the back streets of Black Forest. When complete they will have a direct route from the South Road, Cross Road intersection right through to the Goodwood Junction (see poss from last week about the rail separation project at Goodwood Junction).

And as reported back in April the Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk upgrading will not be required as this project will make it obsolete.

The project is due to commence in January of next year to coincide with the rail electrification project and the Goodwood Junction rail separation project.

And we have a promise from them that they will either do or contribute to council upgrading the landscaping in this area.