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I am proud to say that I have had much success in helping our Depot Team to improve their response rate to requests for maintenance to our road, footpath, and parkland assets.

Our depot has an extremely difficult task to follow-up all requests made by our residents to correct concerns they observe in our streets and park. Issues like footpath trip hazards, potholes in roads, falling limbs on trees etc.
Since becoming an elected member of the City of Unley I have probbaly become a serial pest in that I have noted many an item that needs atention, most trip hazards in our new brick paved footpaths. They coudl not keep up with the number of requests I was persoanlly making and the list became so big I could not remember what I had passed on, meaning some may have been done.
These experiencs showed a need to develop inproved processes.

At my encouragement the management came up with a reporting system earlier this year that definitely improved their response to requests received. I was greatly encouraged by this.

There is evidence however that the system is not fool proof and I indicated tonight in our regular ward briefing, concerns I still had. To my delight they had anticipated my observations and are working on improvements to the system that should improve their performance even more.
And this is all good news for you.
If you see anything as you venture around your neighbourhood you can report it by ringing 8732 5111 or emailing to [email protected]. If you feel that they are not responding in a reasonable time; and lets face it no matter how well we improve the system we will still stuff up from time to time; then let me know and I will follow through for you.

Great work guys! I look forward to seeing the new initiatives in action, noting that they need time to implement them.