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A short while ago the Government through Minister Rau publicized their draft inner rim projections.

The draft was in direct contrast to what we (Council) had been working on with the DPLG and what we understood they (DPLG) were happy to accept from us. It sent alarm bells to many elected members, as I am sure it did our residents, that our previous efforts had therefore been to no avail. It felt like they were holding the Sword of Damocles over our heads.

This draft had identified infill in our character areas which was contrary to our DPA approach.

What I can now say is that most of our issues have been listened to and appropriate changes made. 

All the infill areas identified in that first draft have been removed and the areas reinstated as character areas. Our administration hopes to iron out the remaining differences before presenting a report to Council, hopefully in September.

So it looks like all that effort we have put into this and the assistance we have received from our residents and rate payers and other interested parties will not have been to no avail.

Don’t forget too that it goes back to you for more input once the Government indicates they are favourable to what has been produced.