Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

At last night’s council meeting we approve the use of iPads for elected members. I was impressed at the responsible debate on this topic as there will be issues with introducing this particular piece of technology.

Certainly it has the potential to empower us; to keep us in the timely loop as never before; to allow us to cart around our agenda and supporting documentation, along with all the other paperwork we get landed with in a single small receptacle; to be able to keep and access the mountains of information we receive.

iPads will come with a steep learning curve however and I don’t necessarily mean how to use the technology but in developing the disciplines to use it wisely. I am confident, having heard the debate last night that we are as a collective body, ready to step out of our comfort zones and give this a fair dinkum effort to make it work.

If we do there will be significant savings to our budget and we can lay claim to being green due to the vast reduction in paper we will produce.