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Flood Mitigation in the flood plains of the Brownhill Creek catchment area is back in the news as each of the affected councils  start their new year.

I refer in particular to the article in the Hills & Valley Messenger and refer to the link below.

Unley Council has yet to take a position on the project as we seek to further information to show whether any of the proposals have enough substance to be considered. That includes the plan that has gone out already to public consultation or any of the subsequent 5 (no dam) options being promoted by Mitcham Council at this point in time.

I have already posted re my concerns that any these options do not impact on our tree heritage in a similar vein to the impact claimed in Mitcham by the use of a dam. As an elected member of Unley I need to be convinced “beyond reasonable doubt” about the validity of any of the options before i vote for any particular one to be advanced as the solution.

There is surely a lot of water to flow under the bridge before this one can be solved I suspect.

When the time comes we need to hear the views of the citizens of Unley, both those affected by the flood plains and those who aren’t and we need to take a balanced position so that our Community actually benefits.