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Yes, the alternative option I have recently blogged about has been put before council and we have determined that it should go out to community consultation.
In seconding the motion proposed by my co-councillor I was keen and promoted so to my fellow elected members that the Clarence Park community deserved to have an opportunity to participate in the decision as to whether the project proceed or not. The alternative would have been for the project to have been abandoned which a handful of elected members felt was appropriate.
To abandon the project after our administration put a valiant effort into finding a solution that might work, that responded to concerns raised in the last consultation would have been a slap in the face to the administration.
As all who have followed this project and know my position on it will realise I have, from the very beginning, indicated my vote in the chamber will be in accordance with the majority wish of the people I represent. Last night many of the elected members indicated likewise.
So now it is the people’s turn.
Let democracy work!